Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 18, 2012 – World Live Cafe is pleased to announce that the Black River Kings will headline a concert in Philadelphia this Saturday, November 24.  The South Jersey band blends a mix of county,rock, and roots will be performing at 9PM at  World Cafe Live on the Upstairs Live stage.

Mike Lohman/Sound & Video Contractor

Drummer, Pete Sosa, said, “We are pumped to be able to put on this show.  It was a long time before we were able to record stuff, people were asking about when are we going to do something, and we finally got in their in June.”

The Black Rive Kings formed in 2009, after playing leisurely on Sunday afternoons.  After coming to the realization that the music they were putting together sounded good, they decided to play their first show opening up at World Cafe Live.  The band consists of Tom Long, Shawn McGhee, Mark Opdycke, Mike Patriarca, Eric Schwank, and Pete Sosa.

Photo taken by John Sweeney

According to Mr. Sosa, they are hoping to sell a good amount of records and look forward to getting back in the studio to recording another EP soon.

The Venue is located at 3025 Walnut St, which is open to all ages and will cost $12 for advance tickets and $14 dollars for those who want to purchase tickets at the door.  The upstairs live stage consists of a full service restaurant, featuring a selection of fine food and drinks while the live music event occurs.

For more information of the Black River Kings, visit their website and Facebook page. To purchase tickets for the Black River Kings concert visit World Live Cafe’s website.