So it’s snowing outside, the temperature is dropping, and lucky you the employer gave you the day off.  You sleep in late, spend the day in your pajamas, stare at the computer, and watch an episode of a random daytime television show/movie. As you stare outside and see a thick blanket of snow,  the idea in your head is that it’s too cold and frosty to do anything except for cuddle up on the couch.  But it’s time to fight the frost, fun is still to be had, and productive is still to be made.

Here’s some things I thought that you can do without having to leave your residence:


1. Make an awesome breakfast, you have the time so make something delicious!

2. Bored? take out your favorite Board Game

3. A snowstorm is a perfect time to make some comfort food and EAT! Bake or cook something you’ve always wanted to experiment with or that might make your places smell lovely.

4. Be Random and make a funny video.

5. Or take funny pictures

6. Have a dance party/learn some dance moves

7. Catch up with a friend, reach out and give a phone call.

8. Build an indoor mini golf course

9. Create a tent by placing sheets over the couch. Make them comfy with pillows, and blankets, then follow this with an indoor picnic.

10. Write a bucket list of every thing you want to do this year. Yup, EVERYTHING!

11. Get Artsy and challenge yourself to do something creative, like a Pinterest activity or write.

12. Play with your pet, they love the snow.(Well at least dogs do)

13. Get out and play. Go on a sledding adventure, build a snowperson, have a snowball fight!

14. Make Snow Ice Cream
1 cup milk
1 egg, well beaten
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
clean snow (yellow snow is not clean)
Beat egg; add milk, sugar and salt. Mix together well. Add enough snow to make it thick. (add in your favorite toppings, for a great addition)

15. Plan a new upcoming adventure

16. Get cozy and read a book.

17. Clean out your closet, make a few piles of keep and donate.

18. Make fancy hot chocolate.  Get creative and add something unique to it such as peanut butter ice cubes or have it over ice cream and make an ice cream volcano.

19. Get an early start on Valentine’s Day…make a homemade card/gift.

20. Watch your favorite shows/have a movie marathon.

What fun things do you like to do on your snow days? Go ahead and leave a comment below!