Artist Ryan Fitzpatrick, AKA Platinumfungi, combined his love for gaming and the Ninja Turtles to create a one-of-a-kind Ninja Turtle themed Nintendo.

He said:

Growing up in the 80s, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made a huge impact on me. The cartoons, the movies, the games, the toys, the costumes, the clothing – they were everywhere, and they were awesome.

Fitzpatrick decided that he want to create a tribute to honor all those fun memories, and give something back to the TMNT community. So he created a custom painted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Nintendo system with 2 custom-themed controllers.  Ryan got help from the Custom NES Guy and together they set out to give nintendo some turtle power.

After playing with around 20 different designs for the system, Fitzpatrick decided the fitting thing to do was to resemble the turtles themselves.  The system has two shades of green – a top half is darker green (representing the shell) and the bottom half is a lighter, brighter green. The vent and end pieces were painted brown to represent their belts and the power/reset buttons are silver like their weapons.

““I really wanted to make something that had the look and feel of the original TMNT series. … When you’re working with something that’s so close to people’s hearts you have to make certain you’re careful with how you treat it,” Fitzpatrick said.


Ninja Turtle Themed Controllers with custom overlays by Ryan Fitzpatrick @

Ryan also designed four controllers with custom overlays.  The controller’s were themed to look like the each turtle with corresponding colors -blue, red, orange, and purple.

The one-of-a-kind system went up for auction on ebay, and sold for an $1,612.10.

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