The relationship between technology and how it is shaping music has been explored here recently at  Topics of discussion were how technology has changed the method of creating music with software programs such as Protools, Reason, Logic, and Garageband.

A question recently was brought up on whether or not music labels will succeed.  According to the article, “Millennial Music: A Look at How DIY Technology Is Changing the Game Forever,” it takes a glance on how music could be headed for a do it all yourself approach because of the effects of technology.  From the creation of music with software programs to uploading music to different sites such as SoundCloud, Band Camp, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Music can be produced and marketed without record labels.

Photo taken by Michael Fisher/Full Sail University

Back to Back Records owner, Neil Patel said, “”I think, now, more than ever, you don’t need record labels, and bands should be DIY.  I’ve never paid for marketing. I spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and message boards to promote Back to Back’s stuff.”

Whether or not a band can succeed without help from a record label is something that may be a possibility in the future.

According to the survey takers, some of the advantages of music technology are that it gives the average person more power and the ability to create.  It was stated by an undisclosed survey taker that there’s now a bigger opportunity to create whatever you want without having to meet the standards of record companies and creativity can reign.

In almost every response to the disadvantages of technology effects on music creation is that there are more people creating music, but the census believes more doesn’t always equal better music.  In simple words, one survey taker stated that with less barriers there is more “junk” music.

All survey takers believe that with emotion and creativity is still there despite music being created with technological advances.  One survey taker comparing it to drawing. They stating that some people put out the same stale work and some people make works of arts.

The census overall believes technology for music is a good thing.  Survey takers brought up points that it brings more diversity to the music industry, it brings more music, and it gives aspiring musicians a chance to reach an audience that they would not be able to without technology.  The census also believes that with the ease of creating music, musicians will also be able to pump out more good music.

Popular musician,  Will.I.Am believes that the technological advances has had a positive effect on the creation of music.  He said that uses these tools everyday and that it has amplified his creative process and how fast he can take an idea and make it real.

The reaction to music technology looks to be a positive add-on to the music industry.