What do you mean you’re bored? That’s not acceptable, it’ summer! The sun is shining and it’s the start of one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year. But it can be better than just an enjoyable summer; this can be one of the most extraordinary summer’s ever! What do you do? Where do you start? Need inspiration to make this summer amazing? Read on for my top ideas for the summer:

Important: Ice cream should be included at some point daily, by understanding and agreeing to these terms you are on your way to having a great summer.

Lazy-days-quote-summer-20141)Run, Run, Run – It’s too nice to be inside in the gym during the long days of the summer. Get your exercise by going for a run outside.  You’ll never know what you’ll discover if your own town.  Add variety to your runs by running through a playground and climb the monkey bars, jump over a bench, and do pushups between intervals. If running isn’t your thing throw the frisbee, baseball, or water balloons.

2)Summer Vacation – It’s a perfect time to plan a trip with your family, friends, significant other, or pet.  There are so many new places to go and discover.  Take an adventure to someplace you’ve never been and have fun making new memories.  If you can’t fit in traveling, take a weekend or even a day trip.

3)Swim – Take a trip to the beach, a lake, a swimming pool. Whatever it may be, enjoy this time of the year where it feels nice and refreshing to go in some kind of body of water.  Don’t forget to include some of your favorite pool games. Marco…..

4)Picnic – Go to your favorite park or even backyard and set up a blanket for a picnic. Bring your favorite fruits, snacks, and (ice cream)sandwiches.  *Don’t share with the bears.

5)Berry Picking – I don’t know about you but I love Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries,  and blueberries berry much! They are all in season throughout the summer, rather than just going to your local supermarket, go find a place to pick them. And get a lot of them too!

6)A Reading Challenge – How many books will you read this summer? Pick up some of your favorite books, *hint go the library! Challenge yourself and see how many books you can get through this summer. And who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy yourself so much that you will up this to a year reading challenge.

7)Make something cool and delicious – Top ideas include: Ice cream cake, popsicles, smoothies, root bear floats, frozen yogurt, snow cones, frozen s’mores, brownie & fruit kabob.

8)Build Sandcastles – You are at the beach, how much time do you really need to relax? Be a kid again and see what kind of sandy art you can make.

9)Festivals – There is guaranteed to be plenty of fairs and festivals near your town. Attend them, all of them, or at least some of them. They are sure to be fun and maybe even educational.

10)Go to a ball game – It’s a perfect time to check out your favorite baseball team.