The Color Run made it’s way over to Englishtown, NJ this past Sunday for “the happiest 5k on the planet.”

Over 15,000 people attended the event, which benefited multiple sclerosis.  It’s a different kind of run. It’s less focused on the how fast you can run a 5k and it’s more about having crazy color fun for friends and families to enjoy.

“I wanted to create an event that would encourage people to get out and run just for the fun of it. I wanted people to enjoy the community experience of running together, and I wanted to add something a little out of the ordinary to the race; something that could serve as a sort of visual reward for all the hard work these runners put in to training for the event,” says Travis Snyder, Founder of the Color Run. The Color Run had its first event in 2011 and this year, they decided to “take this crazy thing on tour,” he says.

Englishtown is one of 19 cities to host the Color Run through January 2013.


Photo Taken By Michael Fisher

The color run started off just like an other 5k run, except at the start, color clouds of dust fly up through the air as the runners get colored throughout the 3.1 mile run.  As the runners reached each kilometer “Color Run Zones”, the volunteers are annihilating them with colors.  Each km is a different designated color, turning the runners into running rainbows.

During the race people were giggling and smiling and having a color blast.

“We created the tag line ‘The happiest 5K on the planet’ when we saw how happy The Color Run made people,” says Snyder.

For more information on the Color Run, check out their website here.