Robert Fink, a video game artist, decided that he wouldn’t allow himself to do a normal proposal.  So he teamed with a few friends to create a pixelated proposal. Over four months Fink disguised this as a game project for work as he spent late hours at friend Ryan Lepinski’s house. In reality he developed a specially designed video game named, “Knight Man: A Quest For Love” as his way to propose to game-loving girlfriend, Angel White. Described as a Super Mario like quest, the main character, “Knight Man” had to go through obstacles to collect fragments of a ring and rescue a a princess. At the end of the ten-minute game, a text box appeared between the knight and the princess(Robert Fink and Angel White).  This screen led to the text reading, “Angel White, will you do me the honor of sharing your life with me?” White was then given a choice to pick yes or no while Fink was down on one knee. “I get down on one knee…she’s all teary eyed, I’m teary eyed,” said Fink. “She gets to just before the end and I’m like…finish the game! She finishes and selects yes on the dialog prompt. Then I ask her and she says “Duh.”” Fink has made the game available on Pixel Proposal site, where you can lend a hand in donating toward their dream wedding.